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The Rain Has Stopped

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David, a shy and unsuccessful door-to-door salesman is having a bad day. It's raining, he's working a long street, and the locals are doing their best to make his life hell. In one house, an emotionally unbalanced girl takes a shine to him and tries to stop him from leaving. In another house, a naked couple invite him to join in their sex games and try to take his clothes off. In the next house, a seemingly nice old lady gets him to stick his head into a cupboard full of dead, maggot-infested pigeons. After finding himself dragged into a violent domestic dispute, David retreats to a nearby café, only to receive a phone call from his boss telling him that he has to make at least one sale today or he'll be fired.

David's mood changes from trepidation and despair into something much darker. He feels like all the homeowners are conspiring against him. The next one to let him in is going to get it.


Type of film
Running Time
55 mins
Beta SP
Anna Taborska 1st Feature
Halina Taborska, Azmat Ali
Halina Taborska, Azmat Ali
Crispin Green
Anna Taborska
Director of Photography
Graham Nye
Production Designer
Ellen Green
Martin Stewart
Jaroslaw C Kucharczyk
Principal Cast
James Harwood, Marie Cordillot, Dee Phillips, Barry Lee-Thomas, Wendy Cooper, Sam Connelly, David France, Craig Campbell, Christine Bradshaw, Louisa Kalwarczyk, Melinda Whiting, Beryl Nesbitt, Scott Morton, Boleslaw Taborski

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Last updated 1st December 2009

Production Company

Bizmane Entertainment