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The Real Howard Spitz (aka Writer's Block)


Howard Spitz is dissatisfied with his lot in life. For years he has been writing unsuccessful and trashy detective novels; now his creditors, his agent, Lou, and his publishers are dissatisfied with Howard. Then he gets his big break. Howard discovers there is an audience out there for his unique writing style... and they are all under twelve years old. His trenchcoated bovine detective 'Crafty Cow' is an instant hit.

The problem is that the idea isn't all his. Ten year old Samantha is his creative partner. And she will only keep working if Howard helps her to find her long-lost father. Meanwhile, Howard realises he can't cope with the adulation and publicity his success has brought. He hires a dim-witted actor, Roger, to impersonate him as they all travel round the country promoting 'Crafty Cow'.

The search for Samantha's father continues, and Howard, who never saw himself as remotely paternal, finds himself united with Laura, Samantha's mother, in parental concern. Could it be that the heart of world weary Howard is melting to both Samantha and her mother? THE REAL HOWARD SPITZ is a heart-warming and romantic comedy about the lives of a number of absurd, funny and endearing characters.


Type of film
Running Time
93 mins
Vadim Jean
Alan Martin
Executive Producer
Alan Martin
Director of Photography
Glen MacPherson CSC
Principal Cast
Kelsey Grammer and Amanda Donohoe
Screen Writer
Jurgen Wolff


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