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The School That Roared

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Tom Hunter


'I must not take over my school'.

The School That Roared is a light hearted comedy for all the family. Millington High School for the gifted and wayward is the worst performing school in the country. The pupils that call this place a home are the most unruly, bizarre but brilliant bunch you would ever meet. However, the school’s consistent low grades are a source of anger to one man, a sinister councilor who intends to tear down the school and make way for a huge community swallowing superstore.

The students learn of this plot and barricade themselves inside their home. In the midst of this stakeout the pupils’ come across a set of ancient documents that state the school can exist as an independent country. With this information the children of Millington declare themselves exempt from the United Kingdom and consequently humiliate the Prime Minister. His feathers ruffled and his party embarrassed he sets in motion events that will change the world of children forever.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Andrew Walkington
Richard J Caunt, Andrew Walkington
Adam Hamilton
John Warburton, Claire Walkington
Director of Photography
Tom Hunter
Production Designer
Robin Heap
Principal Cast
Todd Carty, Norman Lovett, Gareth Hale, Norman Pace, Phil Cool , Ray Lonnen, Barbara King


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Last updated 11th December 2008

Production Company

British Youth Film Academy
c/o IDS
MMU Cheshire, Crewe Campus
Crewe Green Road
Crewe, CW1 5DU

T +44 (0)1612 475410