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The Sea Change

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The Sea Change is a contemporary romantic comedy. The main focus is on Rupert, a very successful city businessman, and his relationship with his girlfriend Alison. Rupert thinks that all he needs to complete his successful 'life package' (prosperous career, designer flat, luxurious car), is a wife.

Rupert takes Alison out to lunch and confidently proposes, but to his utter astonishment, Alison does not say yes or no; only that she may consider marrying him if he were to change.

However now Rupert's problems really begin after he attempts to return early from his business trip to Barcelona, and attend Alison's birthday. His plane becomes redirected to Madrid, he's arrested by customs and he encounters Chas the builder, a chance meeting that changes Rupert's outlook on life for ever. By the time he makes it back to London he is a different person, but his next hurdle is convincing the understandably sceptical Alison that he has changed for the better.


Type of film
Running Time
91 mins
35mm Kodak
Michael Bray
Graham Hampson-Silk, Chris Craib
Director of Photography
Joseph M. Civit
Principal Cast
Maryam D’Abo, Ray Winstone and Sean Chapman
Executive Screen Writers
Billy Hurman, Michael Bray


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