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The Sixth Beatle

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Everyone thinks Brian Epstein walked into The Cavern Club on Mathew Street one afternoon and discovered The Beatles — a raw, unpolished, amateur band in a dingy basement club in Liverpool England. While Epstein did make The Beatles famous worldwide, he didn’t 'discover' them. Beatlemania was born long before Epstein came on the scene. The Beatles were already the number one standout group in Liverpool’s massive Merseybeat scene drawing thousands of screaming fans to their shows.
The Merseybeat movement started with the help of the ingenuity of a number of local promoters, lead by the infamous Sixth Beatle, Sam Leach. This is his story, for without him, there may have never been a Beatles.
Official Selection Toronto International Film Festival 2016 - TIFF Docs - World premiere


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
Tony Guma, John Rose
Executive Producer
Tony Guma, John Rose
Tony Guma, John Rose
Director of Photography
Anthony Hardwick

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Last updated 30th August 2016

Production Company

US, UK, Germany coproduction

Guma Rose Telefilm
c/o Submarine Entertainment


Submarine Entertainment
197 Grand Street, Suite 6W
10013 NY
New York
+1 212 625 1410