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The Trailer

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The Trailer is a dark comedy horror/thriller set in Nottingham. Lee is a frustrated young filmmaker. He works long hours in a bar to fund making short films, but he desperately wants to get to the next level and make a feature that will take him to Hollywood. His needy brother Spike operates the camera and is a wizard on the editing suite. The two brothers lodge with Larry, who Lee uses as an actor in his short films. One evening, Lee and Spike are drinking beer and watching Hollywood legend, Nick Fontana, on TV being interviewed. In the interview Fontana says that all a filmmaker needs to get funding for a feature these days is great artwork and a trailer. Lee has an epiphany and talks excitedly to Spike about making the ultimate horror trailer. Reality kicks back in the next morning as Lee sets off for a twelve hour shift in the bar, but Spike, still stuck in the euphoria of the previous evening, decides to help his brother achieve his ambition.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Nick Emm
Nick Emm
Nick Emm
Principal Cast
Richard Emerson, Adam Garratt, Jaymie Addicott, Wayne Russell, Teresa Critchley, Tony Claassen, Tammy Wakefield, Leonie Spilsbury, Greg Patmore, Gabrielle O'Brien, Tom Morely, Stuart Bull, Donna Hazzledine, Joshua Knott, Jessica Foden

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Last updated 1st April 2015

Production Company

Jobbernowl Films
104 Neston Drive
+44 (0)115 919 6752