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The Waiting

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The mark of a man is how he acts under pressure. Does he keep his head when others are losing it? When all seems lost does he stand by his comrades? When reward or crushing failure depends on a last throw of the dice does he elect to take it? Can he wait and endure the waiting?

Career crooks Bennett, Walker and Turner gather for a major heist. They wait in uneasy peace for their boss. Instead a young stranger arrives, alleging to have been sent. Only one of the three believes him. Fears and old grievances drives wedges between them. Each man tested to breaking point as the pressure of their self imposed prison builds inexorably towards an emotionally explosive and group shattering climax.


Type of film
Running Time
88 mins
16mm Fuji
Simon Bovey
Bridget Dowty
Director of Photography
Jon Thompson
Principal Cast
Adrian Bouchet, Mark Brisbourne, David Mallett, Andrew Willis
Screen Writer
Simon Bovey


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Wildfire Productions
58 Beech Avenue
Worcs. WR3 8PY
Tel/Fax: 01905 454178