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The Wedding Tackle

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Hal, an oversexed photographer, has a problem. He is due to marry Vinni in one weeks time and he's got cold feet. In fact, he's got frostbite. His friend, Little Ted, a scheming, sexually frustrated cartoonist is obsessed with Vinni, even though he dumped her when they went out together. Both Little Ted and Hal have their own plans to disrupt the imminent wedding and they separately call upon Mr. Mac, a world weary swimming coach, to help them out.

On Hal's all day stag night, Little Ted sets in motion a disastrous chain of events when he persuades Mr. Mac to convince Petula, (his ex-girlfriend) to seduce Hal in a pub lavatory so that he can record it on Polaroid. Hal, the meantime, wants Mr. Mac to seduce Vinni so that he can catch them in flagrante, giving him the excuse to call off the wedding.

Meanwhile, Vinni has decided that she has no intention of marrying Hal and gate-crashes the pub crawl in order to finally have things out with him. In this Machiavellian comedy of errors, there is no saying who will end up with whom.


Type of film
Running Time
94 mins
35mm Kodak
Rami Dvir
Don Horne
Nigel Horne
Director of Photography
Shelley Hirst
Matthew Harmer
Adelphi (Charles Hodgkinson, Kirk Zavieh)
Principal Cast
Adrian Dunbar, Tony Slattery, Victoria Smorfit, Neil Stuke, Amanda Redman, James Purefoy, Leslie Grantham, Susan Vidler
Executive Editors
Matthew Tabern, Mike Latham


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Viking Films. Contact: Nigel Horne
41 Moonhouse Road,
London W2 5DH
Tel: 020 7221 9173
Fax: 020 7221 9173


Ian Rattray Films
Contact: Ian Rattray
10 Wiltshire Gardens,
Twickenham, Middlesex,
London TW2 6ND
Tel: 020 8296 0555
Fax: 020 8296 0556