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The Wisdom of Crocodiles

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Steven Griscz appears an enviable young man - successful in business, charming by nature and with an astonishing ability to ensnare women. He hides, however, a terrifying secret. The death of his girlfriend in a hideous car crash brings Steve together with Maria Vaughn. They fall in love. Maria's love for Steven is complete and this is precisely the moment he has been anticipating. At the height of Maria's passion, Steven, quite literally, feeds off her love. After disposing of Maria's body at sea, all Stephen is left with is a crystal, the concentrated essence of Maria's emotions at the moment of her death. He catalogues it, files it with a series of notebooks and adds it to his growing collection - Maria is number 6......


Type of film
Running Time
110 mins
35mm Kodak
Po Chih Leong
Scott Meek, Dorothy Berwin
Director of Photography
Oliver Curtis
Principal Cast
Jude Law, Elina Löwensohn, Timothy Spall and Kerry Fox
Executive Screen Writer
Paul Hoffman


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