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Theo and the Macrotaur


Theo & the Macrotaur is a 10 minute dramatic love story loosely based on the classic Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur.

Theo is madly in love with Aria but in a town filled to the brim with warriors from all over the globe he has a mighty struggle ahead of him if he wants to impress her.

He finally gets his chance when Aria is kidnapped by the man-eating Macrotaur, a creature that blurs the lines between beast and man that lives in the ultra dense Beasting Forest.

Armed only with a wooden sword Theo sets off into the forest to save his love.

The story is a look at heroism; specifically what it takes to be a hero and how far one can go to protect your loved ones.


Type of film
Running Time
10 mins
Kieran Jarvis-Brown
Principal Cast
Sean Chard, Matt Rook, Maia Krall Fry, Michelle Yim

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Last updated 21st February 2010

Production Company

KJB Productions
University of Hertfordshire
Hatfield AL10 9AB