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This Is What It Is

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Bruce Melhuish


'As Christmas approached I wanted nothing more than to drown in a pool of whiskey and nostalgia but with the support of the friends Kelly thought would lead me astray, I slowly and agonisingly recover from a broken heart. From those long lonely Sunday afternoons where all I could do was wonder what or who she was doing. Through to the thrill of a hot summer's date with a girl I fancied and the horror of realising she wouldn't be spending the night. Leaving me all alone, not wanting to go home and calling every woman in my phone book. Then eighteen months later, cool calm evenings of spring and here I am full of health and hope. I even have a new girlfriend - then of course I bump in to Kelly and it all starts to unravel again.'

Full of funny and acute observations This Is What It Is, is a candid and very personal account of love as seen from the male perspective.


Type of film
Running Time
98 mins
Cristian Solimeno 1st Feature
Kaleem Aftab, Jesse Lawrence
Kaleem Aftab, Jesse Lawrence
Cristian Solimeno, Bruce Melhuish
Cristian Solimeno
Director of Photography
Bruce Melhuish
Principal Cast
Cristian Solimeno, Nick Cox, Simon Sherlock, Brett Allan, Jesse Lawrence, Roger Mensah, Lorraine Burroughs, Fleur Cooper


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Last updated 5th December 2006

Production Company

La Famiglia Films
Unit 121
22 Notting Hill Gate
London W11 3JE

T +44 (0)20 7937 3577