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Nick Jordan 2017


A film about psychosis and surveillance. A composite of fact and fiction, the film draws upon real-life accounts of a schizophrenic disorder: the belief that one's thoughts are being transmitted and heard by others. Set against the proliferation of mobile phone masts in the urban and rural landscape, the film reveals a fragmented inner world of paranoid delusions and acute anxiety, off-set with revelations of mass surveillance and data gathering by government security agencies. Filming locations include a psychiatric video recording studio, an abandoned broadcast television station, and a military base used for mass communications monitoring and interception.
Part clinical observation, part psychological horror, the film is driven by a tense and dark electronic score by Lord Mongo, and interweaves the flickering detritus of analogue tape, monitors and studio cameras with layers of sampled archive voices; forming a picture of a psychotic state of mind, entangled in an interconnected world.


Type of film
Running Time
19 mins
Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan
Director of Photography
Nick Jordan
Nick Jordan
Lord Mongo
Principal Cast
Alan Creedon, Clara Casian, Adele Jordan, Andrea Zapp

Production Company

Nick Jordan