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Throw of a Dice

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Set in London. Justin's Genes tells the story of Duncan Beckford, a London-born geneticist. Duncan's parents came to Britain from Trinidad in the 1960's. They worked hard to provide their two sons Duncan and Justin with a proper British Eduction to give them a better life. However Duncan's brother Justin is car jacked and burnt alive by four white youths. This sets him off on a quest to safeguard his unborn child's mortality. As a geneticist he resorts to science and his knowledge of genetics to protect his child. A very gritty, edgy film depicting unpalatable social reality.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Chaand Chazelle 1st Feature
Vikram Sherma
Executive Producer
Vikram Sherma
Tom Heycock
Director of Photography
Sean Cronin
Tyrax V Ventura
Principal Cast
Wil Johnson, Ruby Sahota, Leo Copeland, Rani Murthy, Ndabezinhle Mazibuko, Sarah Akokhia, Jonathan Chambers, Simon Britton, Maceo Bhardwaj, Mamta Kash, David Sparks, Fiona Domenica, Rob Peel, David Chant, Carl Robins, Nick Hayles, Karl White, Baz Salam, J
Co-written by Vikram Sherma, Chaand Chazelle
Additional Photographer
Kathinka Minthe
Camera Operator
Sean Cronin
Production Managers
Chaand Chazelle, Vikram Sherma, Sean Cronin
Production Co-ordinator
Tanya Kuruvilla

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Last updated 2nd October 2012

Production Company

CVS Films