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Thugs, Mugs and Violence

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C. Conroy


Thugs, Mugs and Violence a new British gangland tale set in the boundaries of London. Three criminal gangs that are fighting to win control over the London territories.

After the disappearance of £2million pounds worth of drugs, blame falls between the rival firms. The streets of London then become the backdrop to an intertwined game of cat and mouse between the gangs as each make their play to gain control as the story twists and turns with a host of colourful characters, shoot outs and violence.

The Davis brothers are old school criminals from the East End of London, Mo Mo is the leader of Brick Lane firm whilst the South London gang is headed by Tony ‘The Ant’ Declan. As the story unfolds around the three gangs, we encounter Peeper’s, Judge, Stardust and the Serb who further intensify the tale of double-cross, bloodshed and revenge.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Djonny Chen 1st Feature
Jamie O' Keefe, Cherise Zoe Conroy, Jason Cook
Jamie O' Keefe, Cherise Zoe Conroy, Jason Cook
Jamie Martin
Paul Knight
Director of Photography
Djonny Chen
Ben Kolakovic
Principal Cast
Guy Morris, Jamie O’ Keefe, Paul Knight, Duncan Jc 'Mais, Andre Samson, Mel Mills, Joe Pyle, Ian Prater, Dennis Cooke, Errol Clarke, Joe Egan, Rob Davis, Gary Curtis, Jason Cook, Dave Wiltshire, Ana Venning, Andrew Windebank, Gary Joseph, Nikki Lee, Zowie Vince, Laura Meakin, Anna Bonura, Chantal Husson, Joi, Meaw Davis, Brandy Brewer, Cherise Zoe Conroy, Celeste Wong, Julia Hughes

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Last updated 13th January 2010

Production Company

New Breed Productions
PO box 2676
Essex RM7 0WA