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Tooting Broadway Flatmates

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Jason Young


Eve Colman is searching for cheap accommodation. She views a property shared with Adam Smith and decides that this will be her home if she is offered the room.

Eve moves in and holds a housewarming party. Adam painfully makes himself scarce at the party as it is clear to him that he is not an invited guest.

Eve decides to compensate by cooking him a meal, albeit from his own resources and without his permission. They both eat quietly without talking until Eve decides to break the ice. Adam vents his frustration, but is rebuffed when Eve issues him a challenge to cook a better meal. She gets up and leaves the room, slamming the door behind her.

Adam prepares a meal for Eve whilst she is in midst of preparing to find a new home. She is taken by the aromas that come from the kitchen, and is curious to investigate.  Eve to his change of heart, allowing him to be a man and treat her as a guest.

When the meal is over, camaraderie builds and Eve sees an opportunity to nurture a deeper relationship with Adam, and the two of them conform to each other once physical contact is made. The germ of a fruitful alliance is now born.


Type of film
Running Time
11 mins 6 secs
Jason Young
Mari Ellingson
Mari Ellingson
Jason Young
Jason Young
Director of Photography
Luis Nieto
Production Designer
Jason Young
Gilbert Passley
Principal Cast
Chike Okonkwo, Clare Leanne Kelman


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Last updated 19th May 2008

Production Company

Clapham South Productions
1a Gambole Road
London SW17 0QJ

T 07970 715080
F 020 7821 1058