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Touched-body, soul and credit card


In a Kansas City motel, an independent film crew is shooting a sequence on closed-circuit TV which explores the thin divide between intimacy and violence. All day long, the motel's boss stares drunkenly at surveillance monitors showing all the activity in the building. The film scene sparks off very different reactions in the boss and in a young woman who works at the motel.

Later, confusion over real and 'fabricated' surveillance tapes exposes an unspeakable threat to the young woman. Ted, the film's director, realises too late the reality of the danger she is in.

Reality and fiction come into conflict, and the characters are forced to test their abilities to deal with the complexities of emotional crisis.

The film explores the notion that all forms of surveillance used in contemporary society fracture people's identities, creating electronic and dislocated personalities that exist and operate autonomously from the individual.

The film examines the consequences of our increasing obsession with the 'need to know', and explores how effortlessly technology and surveillance have become accepted as an invisible presence that provides us with a vision of reality or 'technological truth'.

How far removed are we from being able to communicate innocently and emotionally, from being able simply to 'touch' or connect with one another, without the pervasive need to dissect and evaluate?


Type of film
Running Time
61 mins
35mm Kodak b+w
Jörn Threlfall
Gerard F. Tierney, Jörn Threlfall
Director of Photography
Edward Stencel
Principal Cast
Keene Hudson, Katie Mooney, Jeph Scanlon, Shannon Broderick, Elwood Bengoa, Charles J. Prusik and Emmy Hsu
Executive Screen Writer
Jörn Threlfall


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