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  • Out of the Ashes - part of the Grierson selection

Out of the Ashes - part of the Grierson selection

Programmes described here have been compiled for use by British Council colleagues internationally. There are certain restrictions on their use. Please read below to find out how to book and use our Touring Film Programmes.

There are specific conditions attached to each Programme and the guidelines below explain what you can and cannot do with the films; please read them carefully before you start planning your screenings.

NB. FOR YOUR USE ONLY!  These Touring Programmes have been compiled for use by British Council colleagues internationally. We anticipate that you will work with partners in country, perhaps those running venues or festivals, to screen the films, and you are welcome to give those partners access to the site with your password in order to browse what is on offer. However, at the moment please note that subsequent bookings must be made by British Council colleagues rather than external partners.    

In some cases (eg. Grierson) our Touring Programmes are available to book either as single films or using the entire programme. Please check relevant pages for details. Some Pprogrammes contain more than one feature-length selection and in these cases, each is available to book individually.

The films are all available for non-theatrical screenings only. This means you can screen them on British Council, diplomatic or cultural/educational premises, or in cinemas, but ONLY to non-paying audiences. Other use - for example by partner festivals to paying audiences - may also be possible, but there is no automatic right for such screenings. If you see an opportunity to screen elements of our programmes in a commercial situation (ie when people pay for tickets)  please contact us to discuss.

Unless otherwise stated all titles will be supplied for screening on a region-free professional quality DVD that will play on most systems internationally. There are often other formats available - indicated under eavch programme. If you dont see what you need just ask us!

Where they are available, dialogue lists/scripts are available for download to aid translation, along with marketing materials including still images, programme notes etc. A 'one-sheet' promotional document where you can extract basic copy and other information is also available for download on each programme page.

You are encouraged to consider adding wrap-around activities (workshops, lectures, masterclasses) when you screen from these programmes, or to programme the films as a supplement to other British Council projects or activities. Check the 'download' bar on the right of this screen to see suggested additional wraparound for each programme.

All bookings should be requested AT LEAST two weeks before the proposed event as we sometimes need to check with filmmakers that they are happy to be part of your screening. Requests made for events in less than two weeks from date of request time may be refused.

To book any of the films or packages now please use the 'Book Package' button on each package page.

A downloadable 'Easy Step'  Booking Guide to help you navigate the booking system can be found in the 'Downloads' section at the top right hand side of this page.

Your colleagues in the Film Team can help you with any queries about our Touring Programmes. Click here to find out which Team Member looks after film activity in which part of the world - or email for general enquiries.

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