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Nikki Parrott


Tatjana dreams of escaping St Petersburg, and thinks she has found a man who can take her away. Meanwhile in Mexico City, Champinon is overshadowed by his confident, good-looking best friend and struggles to find himself a girlfriend.  In Los Angeles, Asha discovers the man of her dreams has been cheating on her, and in Kenya, Matthew rebels against his religious upbringing by reaching into Nairobi's burgeoning hip hop culture, attracting swift discipline from his father.

The heat is on and our cast of characters react to the building pressure to create Transit: Tatjana leaves Russia for Mexico City in search of her lover, and Asha for Nairobi to shoot a documentary for her graduation project. In their new locations our characters meet and our four stories become two when Tatjana finds Champinon and Asha finds Matthew.

Love follows but their relationships are not as simple as they first appear, as we discover that all their stories are interlinked.


Type of film
Running Time
89 mins
35mm, DigiBeta
Niall MacCormick 1st Feature
Georgia Franklin, Richard Godfrey
Andrija Zafranovic
Murilo Pasta, Niall MacCormick
Director of Photography
Jan Jonaeus
Principal Cast
Humberto Busto, Shelley Conn, Victor Gatonye, Anna Slynko
Executive Sound Designer/Composer
Srdjan Kurpel


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Last updated 24th March 2006

Production Company

Tigerlily Films
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MTV International
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London W1D 1DS, England
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