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Richard, a secondary school teacher in his 30s, moves to trendy Dalston in East London. Richard is a man with a secret, a past he is trying to escape. Soon after he arrives, he meets Chloe, a gallery manager, who introduces him to the nightlife of the East End. He discovers the area, meets the locals, the immigrants and the hipsters who interact every day.
He is quickly faced with the violent gentrification occurring around him. As he tries to fit in with his new surroundings, he faces constant rejection, causing his past demons to resurface.
When Richard’s secret is unveiled, his violent behaviour erupts and unleashes his darkest impulses.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
Louis Lagayette 1st Feature
Marilena Parouti, Bruno Vannini
Executive Producer
Reinhard Besser, Walter Mair, Kami Naghdi
Georges Massiani, Alex Elkins
Louis Lagayette
Director of Photography
Richard William Preisner
Production Designer
Francesca Massariol
Principal Cast
Lachlan Nieboer, Haluk Bilginer, Alan Ford, Alice Sanders
Film Image
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Last updated 7th December 2017

Production Company

Akronymion Productions
Marilena Parouti

A 6 Foot Barrel
Bruno Vannini

Tesa Productions
Louis Lagayette


Urban Distribution International
Delphyne Besse