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Trophy Hunters

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“Does killing elephants help to save the species? The 'Trophy Hunters’ of the exclusive Dallas Safari Cub believe so, and they, alongside other hunters give a surprising insight into their world and their perspective on wildlife preservation.
With exclusive access to the Dallas Safari Club, a behind the scenes trip into the hidden world of big game hunting, where millionaires bid to hunt endangered species. Following them from the auction room to the African continent, where they claim that their sport actually saves lives in bringing much needed funds to impoverished communities, and help in the conservation effort.
Each year, the club itself comes under intense media scrutiny and severe criticism for it’s annual big game auction, and it is here that the arguments in favour of trophy hunting can be heard at their most impassioned.
For the first time a documentary film crew is given access into the club's inner circle, giving the opportunity to some of the world’s most prolific (professional and amateur) Trophy Hunters to tell their side of this story.
This revealing and at times shocking film seeks to shine a light on the big questions in this debate. Does trophy hunting actually help or hinder conservation? In this most expensive of ‘sports’ where does their money go, and who ultimately benefits?


Type of film
Des Henderson
Ed Stobart
Executive Producer
Kazz Basma

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Last updated 21st November 2016

Production Company

UK, France coproduction

Alleycats (UK), Arte (FR) with the support of Sideways Film (UK)


Sideways Film
Kazz Basma
7 Bouverie Mews
Bouverie Road
N16 0AE
+44 (0) 788 147 3603