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Untitled (A Different Time)

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Untitled is a metaphor for a sleeping woman in a state of dream or of psychological disintegration. She gradually reassembles, suggesting either a movement from deep dream-like sleep or more likely a pull back from the decision to die. The human capacity to survive terrible terror, whether on an individual level or as a collective persecuted group, sometimes seems to defy understanding.

Bruno Bettelheim, a child psychoanalyst, survived Dachau and Buchenwald but in peacetime, at a mature age, decided to end his own life. It is this choice: the choice, and the possibility, of escaping psychological terror, that enables humans to reconstruct themselves from even extreme disintegration. To paraphrase Nietzche - the thought of suicide gets one through many a long night.


Type of film
Running Time
4 mins 30 secs
DVD, PAL video
Helen Fletcher
Helen Fletcher
Director of Photography
Helen Fletcher

Production Company

Helen Fletcher