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We Are Poets

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We are Poets


It might be the age of Facebook and Twitter, but a group of Leeds teenagers have chosen to define themselves through one of the most ancient forms of culture out there: the spoken poem. But these aren’t any old poems but anguished, witty full-throated diatribes, voicing the concerns of a generation of multi-ethnic British teenagers. Brave New Voices, the most prestigious poetry slam competition in America, has chosen Leeds Young Authors to represent the UK at their upcoming competition in Washington DC. Sheffield-based filmmakers Alex Ramseyer-Bache and Daniel Lucchesi follow the group as they prepare for a transformational journey of a lifetime. With a mix of cinematically crafted lyrical sequences with raw, intimate actuality documentary, 'We Are Poets' challenges our understanding of youth by giving them the stage, allowing them the chance to speak for themselves. Anyone tempted to dismiss today’s teenagers as politically apathetic layabout’s better pay heed: here is electrifying evidence to the contrary.


Type of film
Running Time
80 mins
HDCAM 1080/50i
Daniel Lucchesi, Alex Ramseyer-Bache 1st Feature
Daniel Lucchesi, Alex Ramseyer-Bache
Executive Producer
Martin John Harris
Director of Photography
Daniel Lucchesi, Alex Ramseyer-Bache

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