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When Things Occur

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Based on Skype conversations with Gaza-based photographers, fixers and drivers who were behind specific images that were transmitted from screen to screen in the summer of 2014. The film probes the face of mourning and grief- its digital embodiment, transmission, and representation. It asks how the gaze gets channeled within the digital realm, and how empathy travels. Equally, how the documentary signifier - and its abstraction - operate when viewing suffering from behind one's LCD screen. What exactly is viewing suffering ‘at a distance’- and how many meters or kilometers is that? What is the behavior and political economy of the image of war? And who is the ‘local’ in the representation of war? (Oraib Toukan)
Official Selection Berlinale 2017 - Forum Expanded


Type of film
Running Time
28 mins
Oraib Toukan
Oraib Toukan
Oraib Toukan; Editing Consultant: Casey Asprooth-Jackson
Translation and Subtitles: Fadi Abu Nimeh, Oraib Toukan
Commissioned By
Cities Exhibition 5, Birzeit University Museum. This piece is part of the artist's ongoing research, based at The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University

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Last updated 27th March 2017

Production Company

Palestine, UK coproduction

Oraib Toukan


c/o Oraib Toukan