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Where The Sea Used To Be


Patrick Mulhall works too much. His job takes him all over the world. But he’s coming home for Christmas. Unless his nerve fails him.

Straight from the airport, his meets his brother James in town for that One Drink before catching the train back to his wife Nadia and his little son Nikolai.

The brothers aren’t exactly at ease in each others’ company. The One Pint is consumed and another ordered. But no, Patrick has to catch his train; the last one on Christmas eve. Or so he claims.

He’s long gone by the time James realises he’s left his laptop behind. James rushes to the station but there’s no sign of Patrick.

Patrick is back in the pub, having missed his train. Apparently.

So James and Patrick spend the day together, winding each other up and never talking about the things that need to be talked about. Patrick hasn’t been back to the old neighbourhood for a long time, and somehow or other the brothers’ day out begins to take them in that direction, out along the coast road, into the sea air, where memories wait in ambush and the past is waiting. Patiently.


Type of film
Running Time
80 Mins
Paul Farren 1st Feature
Sean Cuthbert
Paul Farren, Stephen Walsh, Alan O'Connor
Luke Jenlee
Stephen Walsh, Paul Farren
Director of Photography
Alan O' Connor
Production Designer
Eleonora McNamara
Mick Richards, Alan Coleman
Adrian Crowley
Principal Cast
Stephen Walsh, Paul Farren, Laureen Leslie, Karl Argue, Julia Wakeham, Aj Kennedy


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Last updated 4th May 2011

Production Company

TooOldTooUgly Productions Ltd.