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Whittle On

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A community based docuementary that explores the influential history of the English market town, of Lutterworth, in Leicestershire. The intention of the film was to create an awareness and to celebrate the influential past of the town, exploring the folk that have worked and resided in Lutterworth.

In doing this film takes a look at the how the town has in the past shaped the world we live in today. Whittle On talks about Sir Frank Whittle who worked tirelessly at Lutterworth's Ladywood Works. He eventually went onto develop one of the most important inventions of modern times; the jet engine.

Amongst other historical figures Whittle On also discusses the work of John Wycliffe who with help from others is thought to have translated the bible from Latin to English.


Type of film
Running Time
8 mins (approx)
Digital Video
Daniel G Hughes
Albany Down
Director/Producer/Presented and Narrated By
Ken Seymour


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Last updated 23rd September 2009