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Yoman's Dance

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Yoman's Dance, a contemporary London story, investigates how a young Senegalese man with a lack of English, copes in the cosmopolitan metropolis. The central theme of the story is Yoman's battle to overcome his inability to express and articulate. Not naive to the difficulties of moving to a new and foreign city, and armed with a complex history and optimistic attitude, Yoman is well able to meet the many challenges that face him. However, the constant wear of misunderstanding climaxes with the failure of his first short lived encounter, which leads to a final sense of isolation.


Type of film
Running Time
13 mins
Leah Seresin
Andreas Bajohra
Director of Photography
Connor Connerly
Principal Cast
Yoman Akou, Carole Street and Fred Morton
Screen Writer
Leah Seresin

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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Andreas Bajohra
42B Vicarage Grove, London SE5 7LG
Tel: 020 7771 9530 Fax: 020 7771 9531