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You Were Never Really Here

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A former Marine and ex–FBI agent, Joe has seen one too many crime scenes and known too much trauma, and not just in his professional life. Solitary and haunted, he prefers to be invisible. He doesn't allow himself friends or lovers and makes a living rescuing young girls from the deadly clutches of the sex trade.
But when a high-ranking New York politician hires him to extricate his teenage daughter from a Manhattan brothel, Joe uncovers a web of corruption that even he may not be able to unravel. When the men on his trail take the only person left in the world who matters to him, he forsakes his pledge to do no harm. If anyone can kill his way to the truth, it's Joe.
Based on Jonathan Ames novella 'You Were Never Really Here'


Type of film
Lynne Ramsay
Rosa Attab, Pascal Caucheteux, Lynne Ramsay, James Wilson
Joe Bini
Lynne Ramsay (screenplay), Jonathan Ames (novella)
Director of Photography
Thomas Townend
Production Designer
Tim Grimes
Principal Cast
Joaquin Phoenix, Ekaterina Samsonov, Alessandro Nivola

Production Company

France, UK coproduction

A Why Not Productions (FR) and Sixteen Films (UK) production. Coproduced with Page 114 (FR), developed with support of Film4 (UK), BFI (UK)


Insiders (World sales excluding UK, France)
Vincent Maraval

Why Not Productions (UK and France sales)
3, Rue Paillet
75005 Paris
+33 1 48 24 24 50