Our work

We showcase UK film to international audiences, support new talent, celebrate digital innovation, and encourage international collaboration.

Three children stand around a van learning to use film equipment

Camara Chica, a British Council project in Venezuela to develop skills through filmmaking.

Showcasing at festivals

A man and a young boy standing outdoors speaking to each other

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (2019) directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor and screened at the Berlinale in February 2019.

We work with a network of international film festivals to bring the best of UK film to international audiences.

We collect information on all new UK films in production to offer an up-to-date snapshot of contemporary UK talent in our UK film database.

We maintain an extensive list of international film festivals for filmmakers looking to plot their film's journey around the world.

Supporting new talent

We work to support emerging UK talent through funding and travel opportunities, with programmes designed to create new international relationships.

Two female filmmakers wearing sunglasses standing in Toronto city centre

Filmmakers Dionne Edwards and Georgia Goggin on a trip to Toronto, Canada, supported by the British Council.

Touring the best of UK film

We tour themed programmes of UK film working with partners in the UK and internationally.

A full auditorium with an operating projector

An audience watching a film from the BFI Gothic collection in Janela, Brazil, 2015.

Celebrating digital innovation

We use digital platforms to champion UK film, and we celebrate the new possibilities of games and creative technology for cultural exchange.

A young man wearing a virtual reality headset that covers his eyes

No Direct Flight, a BFI collaboration that explores the impact of digital advances on the rise of African global influencers.

British Council

Global projects

We develop skills partnerships across all moving image fields, and our programmes use film to encourage exchange and dialogue, promote marginalised voices and explore cultural identity.

Video: Libya in Motion (2015), emergent filmmakers portray everyday life in post-revolution Libya.

Industry insights

Our commissioned research helps shape cultural policy and supports partners in developing future international programmes.

Two male panellists members addressing an audience in a lecture theatre

Photo by Miguel Henriques used under licence and adapted from the original.

Photo by Miguel Henriques used under licence and adapted from the original.