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Five Films For Freedom is an online celebration of global LGBTQIA+ stories, in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual rights, in partnership with BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary programme in 2024 showcasing five LGBTQIA+ themed short films from around the globe making them available for the world to watch online for free, as we do every year over a 12-day period. Here's our programme from the decade leading up to this year.


Eating Papaw on the Seashore Dir. Rae Wiltshire and Nickose Layne (Guyana)

Just Johnny Dir. Terry Loane (UK – Northern Ireland)

(Currently unavailable)

Buffer Zone Dir. Savvas Stavrou (UK/Cyprus)

All I Know Dir. Obinna Robert Onyeri (Nigeria/USA)

Butch Up! Dir. Yu-jin Lee (South Korea)

2022 Programme

Frozen Out, dir. Hao Zhou (China/USA)

All Those Sensations In My Belly (trailer), dir. Marko Djeska (Croatia)

Sunday (trailer), dir. Arun Fulara (India)

Birthday Boy (Vuelta al Sol) (trailer), dir. Judith Corro (Panama)

For Love, dir. Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor (UK)

(Currently unavailable)

2021 Programme

Pure (trailer), dir. Natalie Jasmine Harris (USA)

Victoria (trailer), dir. Daniel Toledo (Spain)

Trans Happiness is Real, dir. Quinton Baker (UK)

Bodies of Desire, dir. Varsha Panikar and Saad Nawab (India)

Land of the Free (trailer), dir. Dawid Ullgren (Sweden)

2020 Programme

After That Party (trailer), dir. Caio Scott (Brazil)

Pxssy Palace, dir Laura Kirwan-Ashman (UK)

134 (trailer), dir. Sarah-Jane Drummey (Ireland)

When Pride Came to Town, dir. Julia Dahr, Julie Lunde Lillesæter (Norway)

(Currently unavailable)

Something in the Closet, dir. Nosa Eke (UK)

(Currently unavailable)

2019 Programme

Purple background with white text saying FiveFilms4Freedom

Carlito se va para Siempre (trailer), dir. Quentin Lazzarotto (Peru)

Ladies Day (trailer), dir. Abena Taylor-Smith (UK)

Crashing Waves, dir. Emma Gilbertson (UK)

A Normal Girl, dir. Aubree Bernier-Clarke (USA)

(Currently unavailable)

I (EG), dir. Hall Tryggvadottir (Iceland)

(Currently unavailable)

2018 Programme

Goldfish (trailer), dir. Yorgos Angelopoulos (Greece)

Landline, dir. Matt Houghton (UK)

Univited (trailer), dir. Seung Yeob Lee (Korea)

Handsome & Majestic, dir. Jeff Lee Petry & Nathan Drillot (USA)

(Currently unavailable)

Goddess, dir. Karishma Dev Dube (India)

Currently available via this link:

2017 Programme

Crush, dir. Rosie Westhoff (UK)

Heavy Weight, dir. Jonny Ruff (UK)

Still Burning, dir. Nick Rowley (UK/France)

Jamie, dir. Christopher Manning (UK)

(Currently unavailable)

Where We Are Now (trailer), dir. Lucie Rachel (UK)

2016 Programme

five Films for freedom 2016 poster

Xavier (trailer), dir. Ricky Mastro (Brazil)

Take Your Partners, dir. Siri Rodnes (UK)

Swirl, dir. Peterson Varga (Philippines)

(Currently unavailable)

Breathe, dir. James Doherty (UK/Irish)

The Orchid (trailer), dir. Ferran Navarro-Beltrán (Spain)

2015 Programme

Five Films for Freedom 2015 poster

An Afternoon (En Eftermiddag) dir. Søren Green (Denmark)

(Currently unavailable)

Chance, dir. Jake Graf (UK)

Code Academy, dir. Nisha Ganatra (USA)

Morning Is Broken (trailer), dir. Simon Anderson (UK)

True Wheel, dir. Nora Mandray (France)

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