More Films for Freedom

Building on the success of Five Films for Freedom, the annual digital programme run by the British Council and BFI, More Films for Freedom 2020 brought three new commissioned short films which explored LGBTIQ+ stories. The films were made by British, Syrian, Palestinian and South African filmmakers.

They were made available online throughout the summer, when many Pride celebrations were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way of linking and celebrating LGBTIQ+ communities everywhere.

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This pilot programme supported creative collaborations exploring LGBTIQ+ themes. The three selected projects showcased a breadth of distinctive filmmaking voices and diverse themes including sexuality and conflict, intergenerational gay culture, migration and family ties.

We invite audienced everywhere to watch one film each month in solidarity with LGBTIQ+ communities in places where freedom and equal rights are limited.

Want to know more about the films?

Let My Body Speak (2020), directed by Madonna Adib

LET MY BODY SPEAK - UK with Syrian collaboration

Available to view now until 14 September

10 mins

Director | Madonna Adib

Producer | Noe Mendelle

‘When I left Syria, my body became my only land.’

Our bodies store memories. The body does not forget. A childhood in Damascus, OCD, the revolution, falling in love with a woman. My body remembers.

THE MEN WHO SPEAK GAYLE - UK with South African collaboration

Available to view from 15 July – 14 August

10 mins

The Men Who Speak Gayle was available to view until 14 August, but you’ll be able to see it on the film festival circuit later this year.

The Men Who Speak Gayle (2020), directed by Andrew Brukman

Director | Andrew Brukman

Writer | Nathan Kennedy

Producers | Thembisa Cochrane and Georgie Paget

‘Welcome to the greatest diva show and Gayle language comedy.’

Young drag performer Nathan is one of the last people to speak Gayle – a secret language the gay community were forced to invent during Apartheid.

NOWHERE - UK with Palestinian collaboration

Available to view 15 June - 14 July

20 mins

Nowhere was available to view until 15 July, but you’ll be able to see it on the film festival circuit later this year.

Nowhere (2020), directed by Christopher Manning

Director | Christopher Manning

Producer | Garry Paton

Co-Producers | Laura Samara and Baher Agbariya

‘You are stronger than you think, trust me.’

A young Palestinian woman crosses the Israeli border illegally to find her long-lost brother, discovering the truth behind his exiled existence.

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