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Games Europe Plays BODY <>TECH show in Greenwich

  • Molding the Signifier by Ivor Diosi

Molding the Signifier by Ivor Diosi

7th July - 26th August 2016

British Council is a proud supporter of The Games Europe Plays – BODY <>TECH, a show that will run at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery at the University of Greenwich.

Projects include:

  • Molding the Signifier by Ivor Diosi (Czech Republic) offers three chatty avatars who get infected by a mysterious bacteria slowly disrupting their conversation and behaviour
  • Anna Dumitriu with Alex May (UK) turns Staphylococcus aureus bacteria collected on her body into an installation and a virtual reality experience
  • Marco Donnarumma (Italy) uses his heart beats, blood stream and muscle contractions to create digital music and media
  • The Good Night Lamp by Designwarm (UK) uses the Internet of Things technology to tell a loved one ‘I’m thinking of you’ at a distance
  • Blast Theory’s app Karen (UK) is a life coach who gets a little bit too friendly and intrusive
  • Dutch game Songs of Elstryn invites you to rebalance yourself physically and mentally