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An Irish Goodbye turns heads at the Oscars

Ross White and Tom Berkeley carry home the top prize

In focus: The British Council film archive collection looks back on who we were

Sarah Cole, Creative Archivist at Time/Image, the mastermind behind digitising the British Council film archive collection, explores the common themes of a united nation.

In focus: What’s great about UK short films?

BFI National Archive curator Dylan Cave looks at the UK's short filmmaking expertise, past and present.

In focus: UK Film not in the English language

The creators of a new development award for UK films in languages other than English tell us about some of the films that kickstarted the search.

In focus: A renaissance for UK documentary

We regularly work with festival programmers to uncover and showcase some of the most exciting new work being made by UK talent. Here, two industry experts offer their thoughts on the art of documentary in the UK.

In focus: Putting UK animation on the map

What's next for UK animation? We spoke to three industry experts to find out.

On the ground: Tega Okiti at FESPACO

Tega Okiti reports on her trip to mark 50 years of the Pan African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou.

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British Council film archive

Take a trip down memory lane with this rights-free collection of over 100 short documentaries about wartime Britain, made by us during the 1940s.