Our team

The British Council film team is made up of in-house film industry experts, working together with selected freelance specialists, across genres and disciplines.

Hitchcock 9, bringing films from the BFI National Archive to the world, 2015.

Who we are

We understand the industry because we maintain diverse roles in the current film sector alongside our work at the British Council. This allows each member to offer specialist knowledge in key disciplines and regions around the world. We also work with freelance specialist consultants on selected programmes and project areas.

List title

  • Briony Hanson

    Director of Film. Talk to Briony about British Council film projects and partnerships, and our selector screenings and new talent programmes.

  • Gary Thomas

    Film Programme Manager. Talk to Gary about animation and experimental work, film and music, art and science.

  • Jay Arnold

    Senior Film Programme Manager. Talk to Jay about film exhibition, archive and our Film databases.


We're lucky to work with a number of senior consultants on several of our key projects. Currently this includes:

Catherine Bray

An experienced journalist, commissioner, producer, writer and director, Catherine is currently helping to deliver our Film Festival selector programme.

Find out more about Catherine at www.aboutcatherinebray.com .

Joanna Duncombe

A film and cultural relations consultant, passionate about amplifying underrepresented voices and connecting audiences to artists through innovative, international programmes, Jo is currently helping guide our New Talent Grants programme.

Find out more about Jo at www.joannaduncombe.com

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