Our team

The British Council film team is made up of film industry experts, working across genres and disciplines.

Hitchcock 9, bringing films from the BFI National Archive to the world, 2015.

Who we are

We understand the industry because we maintain diverse roles in the current film sector alongside our work at the British Council. This allows each member to offer specialist knowledge in key disciplines and regions around the world.

  • Briony Hanson

    Director of Film. Talk to Briony about British Council film projects.

  • Christine Bardsley

    Film Programme Manager. Talk to Christine about Northern Ireland, the Americas, Wider Europe (non-EU), and documentary.

  • Fran Carr

    Film Team Coordinator /Acting New Talent & Shorts Lead. Talk to Fran about general enquiries, shorts and new talent travel grants and selector screening applications.

  • Gary Thomas

    Film Programme Manager. Talk to Gary about Wales, East Asia and China, animation and experimental work, film and music, art and science.

  • Isabel Moura Mendes

    Film Programme Manager. Talk to Isabel about the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Scotland.

  • Jay Arnold

    Senior Film Programme Manager. Talk to Jay about South Asia, England and film exhibition.

  • Jo Duncombe

    Film Programme Manager. Normally you would talk to Jo about Europe, short film and new talent - but she is on maternity leave during 2020.

  • Liz Moon

    Marketing Manager. Talk to Liz about the British Council Film website and social media activities.

  • Rowan Woods

    Film Programme Manager. Talk to Rowan about the UK and international festival circuit.

Our work is also currently being supported by the following industry specialists:

  • Cassandra Neal

    Freelance consultant. Talk to Cassandra about #FiveFilms4Freedom and touring programmes.

  • Sarah Lutton

    Freelance consultant. Talk to Sarah about the British Council's UK films database and catalogues.

  • Contact

    If you are a filmmaker, festival programmer, games/VR professional, or emerging UK talent working in film, get in touch.

  • Opportunities

    View our range of international opportunities for filmmakers, creatives, professionals and organisations.