In focus: Do you recognise anyone in the British Council film archive collection?

With most of the archive unseen for the past 50 years, we're keen to find out if there are people who have a connection to any of the films.

A bus stopped on a crowded street.

We'd love to hear if you or your friends and family recognise a street or school. Did your Mum work in that cotton factory in Lancashire or was your Dad one of those workers on the track at Waterloo Station? Do you remember going to that market place or playing in that park when you were a child? Was that your grandfather in the Newsroom in Fleet Street? Was that you with a group of girlfriends stopping to admire the view from Edinburgh Castle?

Perhaps most exciting - do you remember being there when one of the films was made? Were you an extra - or did they use your house?

Why not show the films to your grandparents and see if they spot themselves - or even if they remember working or playing in the way the films describe.

If you have a story to tell about one of these films we'd love to hear it. Please email us at

We'll be adding some of the stories to the individual film pages - we'd love to include yours.

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