Producers on the Move

A girl with white paint on her face looks to the right.

I Am Not A Witch, produced by Emily Morgan, our 2019 Producer on the Move

Producers on the Move supports up-and-coming producers from 20 European countries to strengthen their industry networks at the Cannes Film Festival. Nominations for the UK participant open in January 2020.

Following a rigorous selection process, the successful producers take part in project pitching, one-to-one meetings, workshops, social events and an extensive press campaign, which includes online presentation and profiles in the international trades.

Our UK alumni nominees are a strong bunch, responsible for many of the year's buzz films including American Honey (2016) I Am Not A Witch (2017), 45 Years (2015), and The Selfish Giant (2013).


The programme is open to 20 producers from 20 different European countries. The final selection of the 20 participants is based on a point system based on these criteria:

The producer:

  • has experience in at least one international co-production. The selection process favours producers who have been majority producers in at least one but no more than three international co-productions
  • has had a feature length film screened in the international section at a major festival
  • has a strong project suitable for an international co-production.

The producer's feature length film(s) have:

  • been awarded best film in their home country (ie was the recipient of a national film award)
  • had a theatrical release and/or a VoD / SVoD / DVD / TV release outside of the production countries involved.

Nominations for Producers on the Move 2020 open in January.

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Our previous Producers on the Move are:

  • 2019 - Emily Morgan
  • 2017 - Chris Martin
  • 2016 - Lucas Ochoa
  • 2014 - Tristan Goligher
  • 2013 - Andrea Cornwell
  • 2012 - Tracy O'Riordan
  • 2011 - Sam Haillay
  • 2010 - Isabelle Stead
  • 2009 - Adrian Sturges
  • 2008 - Laura Hastings-Smith
  • 2007 - Elaine Wickham
  • 2006 - Ken Marshall
  • 2005 - Gayle Griffiths
  • 2003 - Stella Nwimo
  • 2002 - Andreas Bajohra
  • 2001 - Ildiko Kemény
  • 2000 - Leslee Udwin

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