About the film

Cargoes follows the S.S. Ionian as she delivers her cargo around the Mediterranean - her final peacetime journey.


  • Release year - 1940
  • Director - Humphrey Jennings
  • Production company - GPO
  • Producer - Alberto Cavalcanti
  • Running time (minutes) - 09 mins 06 secs

Did you know?

  • This film is a recut version of the film known as S.S. Ionian, and then as Her Last Trip. The film had to be recut after the S.S. Ionian was sunk by a German mine on 29th November 1939, en-route from Crete to Hull, only three months after filming.
  • The S.S. Ionian was a Royal Mail steamer ship.
  • All three ships from the British Mediterranean Fleet's 1st Battle Squadron (at the outbreak of World War 2) are seen in this film; HMS Barham, HMS Malaya, and HMS Warspite.

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