Each for All

About the film

A look at Britain's trade unions: how they operated, why they were so important, and how they affected the lives of their members.


Release year - 1945

Director - Montgomery Tully

Production company - Verity Films

Screenplay - Reg Groves

Cinematographer - Raymond Elton

Composer - William Alwyn

Narration - John Slater

Editor - George Fisher

Running time (minutes)10 mins 22 secs

Original description

'The factories of Britain have a trade union to represent the workers who elect one of themselves as their shop steward to speak on their behalf in the workshop as well as round the national conference table. Mistakes or grievances in shop or department can, as a rule, speedily be righted by brief discussion between Management and the workers' representative. The film shows a meeting of the Trade Union Congress which represents every kind of trade union in Great Britain.'

(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1946)

Did you know?

  • Actor John Slater, who narrates and plays the worker in this title, also appears in Julius Caesar as a member of the mob. He was later well-known for roles in Ealing Comedies, TV’s Pinky and Perky, as well as Goldberg in the original stage production of Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party.
  • The trade union representatives mentioned in the film really were the representatives of their respective industries at the time. In fact, W.P. Allen had a train named after him in respect for his work.

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