River Tyne

About the film

A look at the communities and industries that line the banks of the River Tyne.

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  • Release year - 1945
  • Production company - Merlin Films
  • Composer - Christian Darnton
  • Running time (minutes) - 7 mins 36 secs

Original description

A description of the river

'The film describes the river from its source near the Scottish Border, past Newcastle to the sea. The river has a rich historical background which included the wall built across Britain by the Romans, and the castles built in medieval times to keep out the Scots. The Tyne is the centre of many industries, such as paper, chemicals, coal, steel and shipbuilding.'

(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1946)

Did you know?

  • This copy of River Tyne is thought to be incomplete, with this being the second half of the complete film.
  • River Tyne is the only film from the British Council film archive to mention the D-Day (or Normandy landings) of June 1944.
  • The unusually-decorated battleship seen at the 07:07 mark is painted with ‘Dazzle’ camouflage.

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