The Life Cycle of the Pin Mould

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Part of the archive's Junior Biology series, this study of pin mould is aided by diagrammatic, time-lapse, and microscopic footage.

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  • Release year - 1943
  • Director - Mary Field
  • Production company - G.B. Instructional Limited
  • Cinematographer - F. Percy Smith
  • Supervised by - B. Barnes
  • Running time (minutes) - 09 min 40 secs

Original description

'A study of pin mould. It is seen growing rapidly on an apple and on porridge. The camera speeds up its growth. Spores germinate rapidly on moist substances. A single spore is observed under the microscope. From this spore gradually spreads a branching mass of mould; heads, containing new spores, appear and ripen.'

(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1942-1943)

Did you know?

  • Early reports appraising The Life Cycle of the Pin Mould point out that words such as 'hyphae', 'mycelium', 'sporangia', and 'zygospores'; that occur in the film may need further explanation for the 11 plus age group the film was designed for. As these words do not appear in the version presented here, it is thought that the film was re-narrated with simpler terms. It was decided to make a film about mould due to its universal presence.

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