The Second Freedom

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The Second Freedom follows Jack Brown as he goes through life, and explores the various benefits he may receive as a result of National Insurance.

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  • Release year - 1943
  • Director - Lister Laurance
  • Production company - Verity Films Ltd.
  • Screenplay - Cossar Turfery
  • Cinematographer - Raymond Elton
  • Composer - Hubert Clifford
  • Narration - Freddie Grisewood
  • Sound recording - Al Rhind
  • Musical director - Muir Mathieson
  • Unit Manager - William MacQuitty
  • Music Played by - London Symphony Orchestra
  • Running time (minutes) - 16 mins 55 secs

Original description

Social Assurance

'The biography of 'Mrs. Brown's Boy Jack' shows how the British system of Social Assurance affects the lives of working people. His mother receives pre-natal and maternity benefits; the vast machinery of Social Assurance works for him from infancy to old age. He is entitled to numerous benefits, including unemployment insurance and workmen's compensation'

(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1942-43)

Did you know?

  • The street scenes in this film are located in Harrow, London, and are still recognisable today. Locations include Lidell Close, Streatfield Road, and Kenmore Park Middle School.
  • The title of this film changed often during production. Rejected titles included ‘Freedom from Want’, ‘Mrs Brown’s Boy Jack’, ‘Cradle the Future’, ‘Social Reassurance’, and ‘Fifty Million Parents’.
  • This film prompted rather vehement feedback from Cyprus. The British Council representative in the area reported that ‘“Films of this type do more harm than good - presenting England as a Utopia where... ideal conditions are within everyone’s reach... The audience, believing this film gives a true picture of conditions in England, is dissatisfied with the absence of similar amenities in Cyprus.” Conversely, however, the film was merely cited as “Well received,” in New Delhi.

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