How to get your film screened at a festival

If you want to screen your film at film festivals, we can point you in the right direction.

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Filmmakers in the UK: how to get your film screened at international festivals

We work with leading international film festivals and exhibitors to help them find the best UK films.

  • Submit your film to the UK films database: Both British and international festival programmers and cinema curators use this vital directory to explore UK films, so make sure details about your shorts and feature films are included.
  • Apply for feature film festival selector screenings: Throughout the year, we host preview screenings in London for selectors from the world’s premier film festivals. Make the most of this opportunity to screen your feature film directly to the decision-makers.
  • Discover international festivals: Take a look at our database of film festivals to see which festivals might be right for your film.
  • Apply for a travel grant: If you are a UK short filmmaker whose film has been accepted by an international festival, our travel grants can help you fund your trip.

International filmmakers: how to show your film in the UK

  • Discover support organisations: Find other support organisations that can help you get your film shown in the UK.
  • Research UK festivals: We curate a list of film festivals around the world, including the UK, so have a look to see which events might be right for your film.

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Whether you are a new or established filmmaker, festival programmer, actor or film enthusiast, our range of resources can offer support.

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