About the film

Thoroughbred explores the topic of horse breeding and the continuing uses of horses in Britain.


  • Release year - 1940
  • Production company - Pathé
  • Running time (minutes) - 17 mins 33 secs

Original description

Horse-breeding in England

'Side by side with buses and motor-vans the carthorse draws his load through the streets of London. On British farms horses are used for ploughing, sowing, reaping and many other tasks. Hunting is as popular as ever and remains one of the typical scenes of our countryside. There are annual horse shows at Richmond, Olympia, Regent's Park and other places all over England. Horse racing always attracts large and enthusiastic crowds, and the greatest sporting events of the year are the Grand National Steeplechase and the Derby Stakes.'

(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1940)

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