Westminster Abbey

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The history of Westminster Abbey and a tour of the monuments within it; accompanied by choral music and including footage of the coronation of King George VI in 1937.

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  • Release year - 1945
  • Director - Horace Shepherd
  • Production company - Inspiration Pictures
  • Screenplay - Horace Shepherd
  • Cinematographers - Oscar Burn, Ben Hart, Walter Scott
  • Composer - Horace Shepherd
  • Narration - Alvar Lidell
  • Sound recording - Norman Leevers
  • Music Played by - London Symphony Orchestra
  • Organist - Dr Peasgood
  • Accompanied by - Westminster Choir
  • Running time (minutes) - 19 mins 12 secs

Original description

Where the kings and queens are crowned

'The history of Westminster Abbey is the history of England. Here Parliament once met; here for centuries the kings and queens of England have been crowned; and here are buried illustrious Englishmen of all times – sovereigns, statesmen, poets, scientists, musicians. In the nave is the tomb of an Unknown Warrior, brought from Flanders in 1920 as representative of all the nameless British dead in the War of 1914–1918. Westminster Abbey is a lovely example of Early English architecture. Shots include the coronation of King George VI.'

Did you know?

  • Westminster Abbey was so challenging to produce during the war that it took nearly three years to make, and thwarted two production companies. Ralph Keene, director of several British Council films, wrote:

“I am sorry to have to say that I am of the opinion that a worth-while film could not be made of this subject under present conditions."

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